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Adidas Originals
Adidas Originals is the fashion line of Adidas. Premium and stylish lifestyle shoes.


Carlos Santos
Most certainly the new benchmark of classic top-of-the-range shoes. These shoes are professionally made to the rulebook, particularly the Goodyear montage, and incorporate ‘hand’ finishing touches of an exceptional quality manufactured in Portugal.


Goldmud portrays the existing tension between the two opposites of any reality and the great number of nuances that unite them. Between gold and mud, sophistication and natural, tradition and avant-garde, serious and irreverent... It is precisely from this variety of choices and combinations that the brand’s personal and original identity is built upon and will continue to grow from.


Hugo Boss
One of the most famous fashion brands specialise in upscale and luxury ready-to-wear options.

BOSS is considered the main line of the brand where class and elegance are accessible to both men and women.

BOSS Orange provides a sportswear line with casual style for both men and women.

BOSS Green is the active sportswear line that transcends the boundary between modern leisure outfits and performance golf apparel.

HUGO offering contemporary design trends for both buisness and leisure, the brand stands for progressive looks and edgy, urban attitude. The women’s and men’s collcetions consistently set self-confident, stylish accents.

Luis Onofre
This brand was founded in 1999 by the Portuguese designer of international popularity. His luxury shoes have the elgant and innovative finishing touches with unmatched style that place them in the upscale woman shoe market


Melissa has a world made of plastic dreams, where there’s no prejudice. Here culture, art and technology live in perfect harmony, paired with fashion and design to turn it all those plastic dreams into reality. Join Melissa’s plastic universe!


Created in the 80’s, it has been developping simple, autentic and originals style and it’s concerned about catching up with the fashion trend. The style fuse clean and pure lines with functionality creating fresh modern looking footwear for the confident and sleek modern Dandy.


Pas Banal
A line created to the effigy of the shop Pas Banal!


Vic Matié
The Vic Matié collections, known for revisiting the styles while preserving creativity along with an outstanding leather quality that will certainly not let you down!


Voile Blanche
Shoes designed for the only person that counts: the person who wear them, at any time of the day wherever he or she lives or travels in the world. An italian sneakers brand since 2005.